What our customers say

Great quality and a well paired set

Alissa C.

"This was a Christmas gift - great quality. The bag looks like it will last for a long time. I have wax wraps at home and they're still going strong.."

A purchase for me and the environment

David G.

"A great product that I will use on a daily basis, eliminating my contribution to landfills and sea debris."

These Bags are wonderful for produce

Celeste U.

"These bags are wonderful for produce! The open mesh allows for airflow and simultaneously saves me from leaving my fruits and veggies open or using any plastic. The fact that they're washable is a huge plus, and I love that the tare weights are included on the bag (we shouldn't have to pay extra for NOT using the in store plastic bags, now should we?)
I'm also equally obsessed with my bees wrap. I have both the sea turtles- from this set- and the whales. They make me so happy, who doesn't want to see sea animals when they go to eat their lunch?!
Overall, really great quality products that are definitely worth what you pay for them."

Excited to Use

C Miller.

"These arrived in the mail this past weekend and I am very excited to use them. You can feel the quality of the fabric and knit. I also liked that you get mesh bags and solid bags. The solid bags feel nice and tightly woven. Was also really happy that the packaging from the manufacturer is all recyclable or biodegradable - no plastic in the packaging!"

I am SOOO happy!

Amanda S.

"I am SOOO happy i bought this! A zero waste grocery store near my house means no more plastic packaging for me! This set makes it really easy to take part in helping the environment! And the wax wraps are incredible!!"

A big hit!

Nathalie B.

"I gifted them to my very green oriented friends for Christmas and it was a big hit! A small gift that goes a long way and very inspiring."

Using Beeswax Wraps for the First Time

Some Useful Tips

The first time you use the wraps, gently knead them into a ball once or twice for optimal softness and stickiness.

Simply mould the wrap around whatever you wish to wrap using the warmth of your hands.

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