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We are a family business based in New Zealand, with a network of dedicated and like-minded partners from around the world. 

Our partners provide us with organic cotton, hand crafted beeswax wraps with the finest jojoba oil and tree resin, quality assurance, logistics and much more.  We work with only the very best, Gold Standard, Trade Assured organisations who are equally dedicated to our cause. 

We have a range of partners from across the globe including in the US, China, Thailand, and the UK, as well as here in New Zealand.  We are proud of our multinational roots and feel privileged to be able to offer eco-friendly choices to people from around the planet.

Saving endangered species

Hundreds of thousands of whales, seals, turtles and birds die each year due to plastic pollution, with many whale and turtle species listed as endangered. 

We proudly Partner with SEETURTLES.ORG and every purchase of our Beeswax Wraps - Sea Turtle Limited Edition saves one baby sea turtle.  We also donate 5% of all profits from our Beeswax Wraps - Whales Series, Limited Edition to help save these ancient mariners.  We truly appreciate your support!
Brett  showing us around on a recent trip to Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre.

Our Why

We want to encourage as many people as possible to make eco friendly choices by promoting premium products that fully support the sustainable living principles of reduce, reuse and recycle.

This is our passion, we believe wholeheartedly in what we do, we hope you do to.



Anya advises on product development and is really the founder of PlanetCare - and in many ways represents the many young people who are increasingly aware of the damage plastic waste is doing to our environment.  Anya is a qualified diver and plans to work as a volunteer with sea turtles in Sri Lanka this year. 


Our story really starts when one morning I saw Anya packing her school lunch using these strange wraps.  When I asked about them she told me they were beeswax wraps and that she was using them as an alternative to plastic.  She then went on to tell me all about the damage plastic was doing to the planet and particularly our oceans.  She was obviously passionate about this, and as a keen diver it struck a chord. 

I have been lucky enough to dive some of the best dive sites around the world, but have increasingly seen with my own eyes how plastic waste is affecting our seas and ocean life.  This was the day we, as a family, decided to do our little bit for the environment, and the idea for PlanetCare Products started!


Aron manages our online marketing including our website, Instagram account and Facebook page.  Aron is in his final year of business and Commerce at Auckland University and already runs a number of successful online businesses – he is a fantastic asset and works extremely hard to help our mission.   


Sasima is a passionate sailor and represents New Zealand in the Women’s Keeler division.  She loves the sea and deeply cares about our environment.  She is a keen diver and has seen first-hand just how devastating plastic waste can be on the marine environment.   Sas is our photographer and also advises on product development.  Sas has dedicated her life to working with charities and is currently the fundraising Director of an organisation here in Tauranga – so her marketing skills also come in real handy!


Me, well I’m lucky enough to work with my family on something I truly believe in.

I have always had a close affinity with the sea and spend much of my time in and around it – I even paint it in my spare time! I guess it’s also one of the main reasons we came to New Zealand almost 8 years ago – the coastline here is truly awesome! 

Our mission is to provide eco-friendly products and choices to help and encourage people to stay plastic free and to protect our environment. 

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